Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration is the best choice one can really make, if expecting for a quality life. After all, it is only one life! This beautiful country has the unique distinction of having five cities amongst the top 25 cities from the list of the most habitable cities across the globe. For the second straight year, Vancouver was placed at the third position - next only to Geneva and Zurich. The top-ranking cities for personal protection and a facet, like safety, are in politically stable nations having decked with aced international relations and ample economic growth.

Commended as a multicultural nation, Canada is highly valued in terms of being applauded as an eminent immigration destination. With English and French being the two official languages, the facade of its multicultural mortal is enhanced further, which includes an assorted range of cultural backgrounds, religions and races.

Coming to the financial aspects, people who immigrate to the nation mostly do quite well! Canada Work Permit offers attractive minimum wages apart from excellent settlement opportunities to skilled, business and investor immigrants. The country is a member of the G8 (Group of 8) along with being the member of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). No wonder, people flock in as immigrants in thousands, into this nation every year. With positive monetary facets various booming employment options come too.

Service industry plays a prevailing part in the nation's overall employment industry. Hence, more than two-third of its population are engaged in various job prospects. Moreover, primary resources like fishing, mining, and oil, along with the manufacturing industry, play a great role in recruiting skilled professionals from all over the world. Trading with other nations further augments the nation's spot with relevance to a prospective immigration destination.

Further, a democratic country in itself, the nation offers equal rights and freedoms to its people - an aspect which is secured by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This ensures ample civil, mobility, democratic, legal, equality, language and political rights to people living in the country, on a legal basis.


USA Immigration Assistance

USA immigration assistance continues to be of vital importance for citizens of many countries of the world. Not too many ways of U.S. legal immigration exist. However, some of them do.

Direct immigration

Immigration visas are issued only at the U.S. embassy. In most cases, it is done on the basis of (Alien Relative) Petition from relatives who are U.S. citizens and in the event of winning the Green Card lottery.

But, if you are lucky enough to win the Green Card lottery, this does not mean you will automatically get a U.S. visa. You will have to pass an interview at the U.S. embassy where you must make a case for the following:

  • Sufficient level of education and work experience.
  • Possession of certain funds required to begin living in the USA.
  • Having a job offer from the U.S. employer.

There are also immigrant visas for businessmen (EB-1C), investors (EB-5), people with advanced education and work experience (EB-2, EB-3), individuals with extraordinary abilities (NIW) and others.

Indirect immigration

The sense of indirect immigration is that you come to the USA, but not on an immigrant visa. While there, you change your status for the immigration. Such a way is lengthier and requires more expenses. It is the only way of immigration to the USA for many people. There are several ways of getting into the USA with the purpose of changing immigrant status, which subsequently lead to immigration status:

  • Obtaining visa for fiancé.
  • Obtaining visa for religious workers.
  • Obtaining H-1B work visa.
  • Obtaining L-1 visa for businessmen.
  • Obtaining refugee status.
  • Immigration of future child through birth by mother in the USA.

Visa for fiancé

Having entered into the USA on a fiancé visa, you must marry within three months (validity of visa). Then you submit a petition and acquire conditional permanent residence status. Having lived in the country for two years with U.S. husband/wife, you submit a petition again and then together with your spouse pass the interview. If it is OK, you will obtain U.S. permanent resident status.

R-1 visa for religious purposes

Having arrived in the USA on a religious visa and stayed there for some time, you may apply to immigration service with a request to obtain permanent residence based on "special immigrant" category. In order to receive a Green Card according to the EB-4 program, you must provide the same package of documents as for obtaining R-1 visa. You must also prove that as of the day of application you have worked in the religious organization on a full-time basis for two years and intend to continue working in the USA. This category also includes volunteers who work 40 hours per week.

H-1B work visa

If after several years of working in the USA on H-1B work visa you show yourself valuable, then your USA employer will not want to lose such a valued, experienced employee upon your visa expiry. If he sponsors you, then you may get permanent resident status legally through employment. If you have permanent resident status (Green Card), you and your family are entitled to become U.S. permanent residents.

Visa L-1 for businessmen

A businessman owning a company outside of the USA may open a branch of this company in the USA. In order to manage such a branch directly on-site he may obtain L-1 visa (for himself) and L-2 visa (for his family members). When he is already in the territory of the USA, he may change his status for L. In other words, to get L visa it is not mandatory to go to a consulate. The first time an L type visa is granted, it is valid for 1 year. If, during this year, the branch operates successfully, then you may submit for an L-type visa valid for 3 years. Obtaining such a visa gives you the opportunity to apply for a Green Card.

Immigration through refugee status

The USA is one of the countries, which signed the Geneva Convention and abide by obligations specified therein. Provisions of effective U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act among others give clear definition of a refugee. If you are prosecuted in your native country or have genuine fear of such prosecution, you are entitled to apply for refugee status.

Birth of child in the USA

If a child is born in the USA, then, in accordance with law of this country, he automatically receives U.S. citizenship. By giving birth to a child in the USA, you give him a chance in the future to choose a country of residence. Having chosen the USA, he may come here without any problem. It should be considered that parents of children who have U.S. citizenship have no privileges in receiving U.S. citizenship. At the age of 21 years old, a child may submit Alien Relative Petition to invite parents to the USA.

Immigration: qualified assistance

Immigration to the USA is a responsible process, requiring the most serious attitude to legal aspects of the case, elaborate and targeted preparation of documents, and correct behavior in the interview at the embassy. Therefore, it is vastly important to find information about a reliable, result-oriented company capable of providing qualified assistance in immigration to the USA. Keep in mind that quality immigration services are a crucial factor of the positive resolution of issues.


Australia Immigration

Australia is a popular destination of migrants from all over the world owing to its migration friendly policies and the range of attractive opportunities on offer be it in terms excellent career growth, quality of life , health care ,education or great recreation spots.

Quick Facts

The country is divided politically into six States and two Territories namely New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, and Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

CAPTITAL - Canberra.

MAIN CITIES - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin.

CLIMATE - relatively warm, summers tend to be hotter and more humid in the north and winters are usually colder.


LANGUAGE - English, aboriginal languages.


CURRENCY- Australian Dollar. AUD $

LIVING COST- 18,000 AUD per year.

Why migrate to Australia

  • Long tradition of welcoming emigrants.
  • Acute skill shortage in various sectors
  • Excellent economic opportunities
  • Low cost of living, especially the cost of property.
  • Beautiful Climate and Geography
  • Friendly, familiar, English speaking culture.
  • Excellent education system
  • No language barrier
  • World-class education and a great place to raise a family.

Australia Immigration Categories

Skilled Independent Subclass 189: Subclass 189 guarantees you Permanent Resident Visa and under this subclass, you can work anywhere in Australia.

Skilled Nominated Subclass 190: Subclass 190 guarantees you Permanent Resident Visa under a particular State nomination. You may need to work in that particular State initially.

Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485): This visa is for international students who have recently graduated from an Australian educational institution. It lets you work in Australia temporarily after you have finished your studies

Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa: Subclass 476 is an 18 months visa for recent engineering graduates from selected Universities. IELTS only 6.0 is required.

Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Provisional Subclass 489: This is a 4-year provisional visa which allows holders to live only in certain areas of Australia. You would need to be sponsored by an Australian relative living in a designated area, or by a state or territory government.

The Australian 457 Visa (Temporary Business Long Stay) is a temporary work visa that allows employers to sponsor overseas workers to fill nominated skilled positions. A 457 Visa is valid for up to four (4) years and work experience gained in Australia on this visa may lead to Permanent Residence either through sponsorship by an eligible employer or the skilled migration program.

Benefits of Permanent Resident Visa:

  • PR holder can indefinitely stay in Australia along with immediate dependants
  • Free Medicals
  • Free education for children
  • PR holder can buy property in Australia
  • After a prescribed period of continuous stay, PR holder can apply for Citizenship.

How do we help?

  • Interpret the Australian Immigration laws to the best advantage of the Client
  • Evaluate Eligibility & Suitability in accordance with the relevant laws of Australia.
  • Provide advice and assistance relating to documentation required tosupport the application.
  • Scrutinize each document to ensure it meets the Australian requirements and standards.
  • Review, verify and draft necessary documents to be submitted as per the Australian standards.
  • Provide secretarial expertise to prepare application as per Australian standards and requirements.
  • Send/Submit relevant applications to the respective authorities.
  • Assist the Client to comply with any request made by the Department or review body
  • Follow up with the Department of Immigration with regard to the progress of your application

Why Delving is the ideal partner to facilitate your Australia Migration?

  • Expert counsellors to identify whether you qualify for migration
  • Qualified and dedicated attorneys with vast experience who are update with migration regulations, case law and policy
  • Initial free skill assessment service to find out eligibility for a Australian visa
  • 100% transparent process
  • Excellent success rate in providing Australian PR
  • Personalized, in-depth assessment procedures
  • Ongoing support and assistance from start to finish
  • Peace of mind & value for money guaranteed

Schengen Immigration

The Europe, as a continent, comprises more than 731 million people spread accross 48 different countries. Like other continents, the average wealth of individuals varies from state to state, although, even in the poorest European countries, the range in terms of GDP and living standards still ranks much higher than in most other continents. Europe has a thriving manufacturing sector, with a large part of the world's industrial production taking place in Europe.

Quick Facts

Population: about 740 million. That’s sounds a lot but there are five times that number of people living today in Asia!-Countries: 46 countries (of which 27 are members of the European Union or EU).

Smallest Country (by land area and population): Vatican City is a tiny country within the Italian city of Rome. The Pope, the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church, lives here along with its 800 other citizens.

Biggest Country (by land area): the Russian Federation is the biggest country by land area, not just in Europe but across the whole world!

Languages: there are more than 200 different languages spoken in Europe. The EU recognises 23 languages that are in common use amongst its member countries, where two of every three Europeans live.

Why Migrate to Europe

  • Job Opportunities


European Nationals – EEA Europe Visas

There are a few different types of European visa applications, including EEA family permits and EEA residence cards. To find out which EEA Europe visa you need to apply for, get in touch with the team at UKVISAS.COM for some expert help and advice.

EEA Family Permit

If a non-EEA family member of an EEA national (for example a spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner, child, grandchild or grandparent) who is outside the UK wishes to come to the UK to join their EEA family member, they must apply to the British Embassy for an EEA family permit. If this European visa is granted, they are entitled to come to the UK to join their EEA family member.

EEA Residence Card

A non-EEA family member of an EEA national (for example a spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner, child, grandparent) who is already in the UK can apply for an EEA Residence Card so that they can remain in the UK with their EEA family member. This can benefit someone who is in the UK on any visa category or even potentially someone who is here illegally.

Settlement/Permanent Residence

An EEA national and their non-EEA family members can apply for settlement (permanent residence) after having resided together in the UK continuously for five years.

Benefits of Permanent Resident Visa:


Living in a safe place with your family is just a dream for a lot of applicants. Europe in general can be considered as safe. Of course, the EU has 28 members with different crime situation, but it is more than possible to live crime-free in Europe. European countries take care of the residents’ and citizens’ rights. It means that not only you and your family can live in a safe place, but your financial assets will be also protected. EU states’ Deposit Guarantee Schemes cover amounts up to EUR 100,000 per depositor per finacial institute, regardless of the number of deposits held.


The European Union’s internal common market is opened for all residents and citizens of any member state. The single market exists for the benefit of all the European Union’s 500 million residents and citizens. Its cornerstones are the “four freedoms”: Free movement of people, goods, services and capital between all 27 EU member countries. These can be enjoyed, with limited exemptions, by everyone living and working in the European Union.

Health Care

If you live in the European Union for sure you will enjoy the advantages of the good health care systems. Beside this, you have a right to medical treatment in another EU country on the same terms and at the same cost as people living in that country.


Europe has some of the best schools and universities of the world. They are all open for students from other EU member states. And there are a lot of world class universities, which offer cost free tertiary education.

Quality of Life

In the European Union everything is alright with the above mentioned cornerstones of living anywhere. In Europe you can live an absolutely normal life with your family, meanwhile you can enjoy all benefits the EU can offer.

The Netherlands

United Kingdom